The instrument of the Trust has a history of several hundred years in the Anglo-Saxon legal environment and it is becoming more and more important in many countries of the financially developed world. The concept of the Trust was first introduced in Hungary by the new Hungarian Civil Code, effective since 2014. The creation of a trust enables its Settlor for long-term wealth-planning, determining the timing and process of succession. A trust settlement also assures the protection of assets included in the trust fund by separating those from remaining active business interests or personal assets of the Settlor. Furthermore, the trust provides tax-efficient structures for charity or other personal goals.
BekesPartners offers individually tailored legal-, tax- and operational advisory services for Trustees and Settlors on an ongoing basis, starting from designing wealth- and trust-structures, establishing the trust settlement, managing structural updates as required and advising on operational issues.

  • Structure consulting
  • Settlement
  • Change management
  • Operational support